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Download our latest updated catalog of compounds for biological screening (zipped, 2,109,738 compounds)

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AsisChem's catalog of screening compounds has been assembled to exceed the evolving requirements of drug discovery and chemical biology researchers in industry and academia – especially those focused on High Throughput Screening (HTS) and Drug Discovery. Our present Commercial Sample Collection contains readily available synthetic organic compounds that meet the criteria of the pharmaceutical industry's current hit-to-lead discovery process.

Our Guarantee:

Compounds must fulfill a certain number of stringent criteria before they are included in our database:

  • The structure must be new
  • The compound has to exhibit structural characteristics of a biologically active compound
  • The compound must meet Absorption Distribution Metabolism Excretion (ADME) requirements
  • The compound must meet an increased structural diversity requirement See our AsisDiverse Collection
  • The compound complies with Lipinskis' and Vebers' rules.

Key Components:

  • We offer integrated services, including medicinal chemistry, hit-to-lead, and lead optimization
  • Our experts can help you in designing and development of an exclusive custom library of any size
  • During the drug screening process when a certain molecule shows activity we supply a confirmation sample and the compound can be synthesized again in specified quantity
  • Screening compounds can be delivered in mass or molar quantities in customer preferred material
  • Vials and plates
  • Selection is customer driven or can be assisted by one of our specialists, who will assist in the creation of a desired set of compounds.

Exclusive Custom Library

Our expertise in analyzing SAR / QSAR data, allows rapid design and synthesis of new compound collections for our customers. Working with our customers, we follow strict protocols and specifications. A collaborative approach can also be taken to leverage our experience and develop repeatable custom synthesis. We work with you on custom synthesis of libraries for screening both on exclusive and non-exclusive basis. Our experts can assist you in designing a library and building up a custom library both on exclusive and non-exclusive bases of any size.

Please contact us to learn more about our Screening Compounds and how we can support your research efforts.

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