Our Services: Scale Up and Process Optimization

Scale Up or Optimize Your Current Process

AsisChem's chemical development scientists have the expertise and experience to satisfy a broad range of outsourcing needs from scale up synthesis of an existing project, to process optimization for identification and development of new synthesis routes.

Scale Up Synthesis:

Scaling up your research compound to support subsequent stages of pre-clinical testing is often difficult and costly. We are an experienced resource to take your demonstrated synthesis route and reproduce it to scale in a timely cost effective manner.

Process Optimization:

Our process chemistry experts will develop new and proprietary routes to shorten the synthesis procedure and use economical measures and materials to provide the safest and cost-effective options for up to 10 kg's of product.

AsisChem will use our in-house expertise and state of the art equipment to deliver:

  • Process optimization for shorter synthesis
  • Scheme modification to use cost effective reagents
  • Kilo lab with capacity up to 10kg
  • Knowledge and experience to transfer process to plant
  • Project management for GMP synthesis with partner

"To continue exploring a research avenue of great interest to us we required a complicated molecule obtainable only through multi-step synthesis. AsisChem provided this molecule not only at an affordable price, but with great customer service."

       – Dr. AravindAsokan, Principal Investigator, University of North Carolina

"We pride ourselves on customer service and your successes. Our PhD-level AsisChem project manager will remain on the project to ensure a smooth transition and a complete technology transfer of vital project knowledge. All synthetic procedures are documented in detail and are efficiently transferred to our partner's plant for large scale and cGMP production."

       – Kirill Esikov, Ph.D., Director of Chemistry, Russia

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