Our Services: Medicinal Chemistry

Accelerate Your Discovery Programs by Engaging Our Expert Medicinal Chemistry Team.

In the highly competitive environment of drug discovery, companies and academic laboratories are augmenting their drug development efforts by entrusting outside organizations to provide chemistry expertise and support. With the help of AsisChem, our clients can manage the process of transforming a biological target or potential therapeutic into an experimental new drug without adding additional in-house expertise or equipment.

Medicinal chemistry services include:

  • Design and Synthesis and Testing of custom libraries, small groups of analogs, pro-analogs and new chemical entities
  • Lead Optimization with a focus on improving potency and efficacy
  • Hit validation with structure and target activity confirmation
  • Hit-to-lead development based on target activity
  • Expert medicinal chemistry support for lead generation and optimization
  • ADME-Tox Optimization

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"Our medicinal chemistry team consists of industry veterans in the pharmaceutical industry. They have worked in all therapeutic areas such as metabolic disorders, CNS, oncology, diabetes, malaria, antibacterial and other anti-infectives, anti-inflammatory, genetic diseases and multiple sclerosis. We are proud of our highly skilled team who has helped manage diverse drug discovery programs resulting in successful clinical trials, and have authored leading NIH grants."

– Ilya Kuchuk, CEO AsisChem, Inc.

"We were able to synthesize more compounds than we expected based on offers from other companies. This gave us the opportunity to successfully explore more research avenues than we thought possible."

Dr. Carlos E. Pedraza, The Cleveland Clinic

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