Our Services: Custom Synthesis

Design, optimize and develop synthetic routes for your initial, intermediate, reference and lead compounds.

AsisChem has an experienced team of chemists with an in-depth of knowledge and experience in complex chemical synthesis. This experience allows us to deliver custom synthesis at the exclusion of expensive and untimely surprises.

Our project managers quickly identify any concerns or potential issues at the onset of each project. We attribute our longstanding client relationships to our utilizations of transparent communication and collaboration to ensure quality and on-time delivery.

What to Expect

  • Unparalleled expertise of 30+ Ph.D. Chemists
  • On Time Delivery
  • Established Synthetic Research Expertise
  • Fast and Efficient Analog Synthesis
  • Competitive Pricing and Rapid Turnaround
  • Complete Analytical Documentation: Product delivery includes full documentation with relevant NMR, HPLC, MS, and EA analysis reports.

IP Considerations

AsisChem can design new synthetic methodologies for your desired compound and assist you in developing your own IP.

Our Proprietary Multi-Step Compound Synthesis Program employs the design expertise that has been broadly utilized by the pharmaceutical industry, allowing us to help remedy the most difficult synthesis challenges. We are independent researchers utilizing flexible R&D approaches tapping the latest innovations and processes in the field. Please contact us today for a free consultation.

"We are committed to lab-to-client transparency because your success is our business."

– Ilya Kuchuk, CEO AsisChem

"AsisChem has very knowledgeable chemists and excellent customer service. They quickly submitted a quote, provided detailed updates and supplied the product in a timely manner."

– Dr. Kenneth Kraemer, Principal Investigator, NIH

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