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Synthesizing more than 10 kilograms? Take advantage of our partnerships with large-scale cGMP synthesis specialists.

Academic Partnerships

Mission: To maintain a relentless commitment to fundamental research and the organizational drive to support the advancement of science by providing financial assistance to researchers with drug development projects and custom synthesis needs

Who we help:
Academic Institutions
Research Centers
University Supported Program Incubators

Join us in accelerating research by taking advantage of our Academic Programs:

Academic Custom Synthesis Services: AsisChem employs an international team of Ph.D. chemists who have decades of organic synthesis experience in both industrial and academic settings. Our academic rates represent our commitment to advancing science and set us ahead of our competitors.

Process Optimization: Our process chemistry experts will develop new and proprietary routes to shorten the synthesis procedure and use economical measures and materials to provide the safest and cost-effective options for up to 10 kgs of product.

Custom Synthesis programs include:

  • Synthesize known intermediates quickly and efficiently
  • Design new synthetic routes to create custom molecules
  • Run feasibility studies to determine the viability of synthetic routes
  • Perform comprehensive literature surveys

Academic Discovery Partnership: This program is specifically designed for principal investigators in applied research areas, such as drug discovery, who are looking for long-term collaborations to provide chemistry expertise. Benefit from the expertise of pharmaceutical industry veterans without surrendering IP to a large pharmaceutical company. We will work closely with you to learn and understand your research goals. We will then collaboratively develop a research strategy, set realistic milestones, and take part in the writing of grants and proposals.

Benefits of working with us include:

  • Reduced Consulting rate
  • At least one full-time chemist will be devoted to your research
  • Responsiveness and flexibility for changes in research direction
  • Flexible contract timetables

Please contact us to learn more about our Academic Programs. We will arrange a personalized appointment with one of our knowledgeable business development managers to accommodate your needs.

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