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Medicinal Chemistry

AsisChem delivers high quality medicinal chemistry services that efficiently and effectively drive drug discovery projects from hit identification to lead optimization for identification of reliable drug candidates. Accelerate your discovery programs by engaging our expert medicinal chemistry team in our exclusive collaborative work process.

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Custom Synthesis

AsisChem provides solutions to your complex and challenging custom synthesis projects. We specialize in everything from novel compounds to commercially unavailable molecules. Utilize our proprietary processes and expertise for managing your custom synthesis programs. Rely on AsisChem to design, optimize and develop synthetic routes for your initial, intermediate, reference and lead compounds

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Scale-Up and Process Optimization

AsisChem's chemical development scientists have the expertise and experience to satisfy a broad range of outsourcing needs, from scale up synthesis of an existing project to process optimization for identification and development of new synthesis routes. Move your research to the next step by retaining AsisChem to scale up your current process or optimize your process so you can take your project to the next level.

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Academic Discovery Programs

AsisChem has a relentless commitment to fundamental research and the organizational drive to support the advancement of science. To this end we have developed two programs tailored to assist researchers with custom synthesis needs. Join us in accelerating research by taking advantage of our academic custom synthesis services or our academic discovery partnership.

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Drug Discovery: Risk Sharing

AsisChem has experience with a diverse portfolio of drug discovery projects. Our rigorous four-step process is characterized by a detail oriented, disciplined approach to the drug discovery process ensuring that your project will start fast and move with confidence towards a qualified pre-clinical candidate. Experience the confidence and security of outsourcing your drug discovery projects to a team of talented and experienced pharmaceutical chemists.

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Screening Compounds

AsisChem's catalog of screening compounds has been assembled to exceed the evolving requirements of drug discovery and chemical biology researchers in industry and academia – especially those focused on High Throughput Screening (HTS) and drug discovery. Our present commercial sample collection contains readily available synthetic organic compounds that meet the criteria of the pharmaceutical industry's current hit-to-lead discovery process.

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