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Our pricing and project agreement reflect our own confidence in our process. Our objectives and milestones are aligned with yours so that the project risk is shared based upon results.

The AsisChem four-step process is a detail oriented, disciplined approach to the drug discovery process ensuring that your project will start fast and move with confidence towards a qualified pre-clinical candidate.

Four-Step Process

Step 1: A thorough Target Evaluation of your specific project goals and a focused analysis of available data. This enables us to develop a working timeline and key events schedule for the project, and to select the best initial compounds and scaffolds.

Step 2: The Hit Validation phase includes a thorough study of selected hit scaffolds and potential alternatives.

Step 3: In the Hit-to-Lead phase, we use a systematic and iterative process to discover higher potency lead compounds with the desired compound properties.

Step 4:Finally, the Lead Optimization step identifies the best one or two of these compounds maximizing key drug-like properties, taking into account all SAR knowledge obtained as well as in vivo efficacy and safety data.

"The ultimate outcome of our process is the identification and selection of a strong pre-clinical candidate and one or more back-ups, along with sufficient data and knowledge to continue on to IND-enabling pre-clinical studies and technology transfer for process development."

– Ilya Kuchuk, CEO, AsisChem

"After working with AsisChem through some of their processes, we chose their team to be the main provider of custom chemistry services for our drug discovery programs. Their expertise in synthetic chemistry has proven invaluable to us."

– Avishai Levy, CEO, Proteologics LTD

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